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Rising waters | Rooted solutions

Get involved in our friendly 2-way conversations

Resident engaging with Ousewem’s friendly two-way conversations in Hawes, North Yorkshire, familiarising people with flood-related terminology and enhancing awareness about natural flood measures (NFM).

We’re inviting farmers, residents, and visitors to connect with us and get involved in our friendly 2-way conversations to share their thoughts.

There are various ways to have your say, you can:

  • use our online form to contact us

  • text "Hello Ousewem 4" to telephone: 07700137717
  • scan the QR code on our interactive signs

Teaming up with Hello Lamp Post, we're introducing cutting-edge interactive technology to deepen everyone's understanding of how water is impacting our local area and community.

Ousewem drink pub hlp2Signs will start appearing in and around the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Hawes as part of the first phase of our innovative approach to community engagement.


About the initiative

As part of our efforts to raise awareness about nature-based solutions (NbS), including natural flood management (NFM), we're focusing on public areas such as car parks and local pubs, where people often gather. We plan to distribute beer mats in pubs, signage on street objects and virtual objects online to inform and engage farmers and residents in potential NFM projects, while also gathering community insights.

These initiatives are intended to help familiarise people with flood-related terminology, enhance awareness about NFM, and gently encourage farmers to explore potential participation in pilot projects on their lands. Through these interactive conversations, our aim is to gain a better understanding of community knowledge, observe changes in sentiment, and gauge attitudes towards flooding and resilience in the area.

The interactive conversations are designed to evolve gradually over time, offering continuous educational materials, resources and engagement opportunities - so be sure to keep an eye out for our talking signs when you’re out and about!

Hello Lamp Post


Ousewem’s flood resilience campaign can be found in Hawes, Hardraw and Gayle, North Yorkshire.  The campaign seeks to familiarise residents, visitors and farmers with flood-related terminology and enhance awareness about natural flood measures (NFM).


Hello Lamp Post powers location-based AI digital assistants for any public place, to better connect people, place and information. Hello Lamp Post transforms any space or place into interactive touch points to share information and listen to community needs, at scale. Accessible via SMS or browser on your mobile phones, Hello Lamp Post can answer frequently asked questions, gather feedback and provide location specific information, in real-time.

The key question is this: Why should people be confined to information provided solely on notices, digital screens, or information boards? The answer is clear - they shouldn't! Hello Lamp Post is all about making public engagement accessible and inclusive.

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Published: 10th May 2024